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403: Hair Loss Diagnosis for the Non-Dermatologist

What you MUST know if you are performing Hair Transplantation Surgery

Presented on Wednesday | October 4, 2017


  • Describe many hair loss disorders as well as common scalp dermatologic conditions that the hair transplant surgeon may encounter.
  • Discuss the diagnosis and treatment of many non-androgenetic alopecias.
  • Recognize when hair restoration surgery is indicated.

Welcome & Opening Remarks
06:01 running time
Ricardo Mejia, MD

Hair Loss Diagnosis, Anatomy and Classification
20:01 running time
René Rodriguez, MD

Alopecia Areata, Diagnosis and Management
22:29 running time
Ivan S. Cohen, MD, FISHRS

Cicatricial Alopecias
29:08 running time
Nicole E. Rogers, MD, FISHRS

Inflammatory Scalp Disorders/Lumps and Bumps
24:08 running time
Jennifer Krejci, MD

Q&A All Panelists
13:25 running time

Dermoscopy/Trichoscopy Lessons Learned
20:12 running time
Aron Nusbaum, MD

Diagnosing Hair Loss in Women
36:01 running time
Neil S. Sadick, MD

Scalp Cancers
13:55 running time
Ricardo Mejia, MD

PRP Basics
24:10 running time
Neil S. Sadick, MD

Q&A All Panelists
11:04 running time