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11-Year-Old Fire Victim

11 year old fire victim

NEW YORK (August 2, 2004)– Seven years ago, a then 4-year old Mitchel was trying to help out his father by refueling the lawn mower. He was attempting to fill its tank when he accidentally spilled some fuel onto the hot exhaust. Instantly, the gas ignited. The flames leaped onto the canister he was carrying and from there set Mitchel’s …

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hair transplantation brings out the best in you

Several recent television reality programs took cosmetic surgery “makeover” as their theme. A typical story line was to present a person who’s real or self-perceived cosmetic imperfections are corrected by cosmetic surgery. “Makeover” programs have a positive effect when they reinforce the idea that no one has to live with cosmetic imperfections that surgical or medical treatment can correct. Hair …

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it's okay to say no to hair loss & yes to hair restoration

In Shakespeare’s play “The Comedy of Errors”, characters make the rueful observation that Father Time is unkind to men, causing them to lose hair as they age. And, other than wearing a wig (“the lost hair of another man”) there isn’t much a man can do about it. “There’s no time for a man to recover his hair who goes …

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From Laboratory Research to New Techniques in the Surgical Clinic: Why is Hair Lost? How Can Hair Be Re-grown? What Are the Best Approaches to Hair Restoration?

ratory research to new techniques in the surgical clinic

NEW YORK (October 16, 2003)– Look at the pictures on ancient Greek vases or at the sculpted busts of eminent ancient Romans and you can see that baldness is not a new experience in human history. We recognize Socrates and Julius Caesar as men with typical male-pattern hair loss. We can presume that they were representative of men of their …

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“Auto-Cloning” of Beard Hair Used to Increase Supply of Donor Hair for Transplantation to Scalp

“auto cloning” of beard

NEW YORK (October 16, 2003)– Beard whiskers, carefully removed, may offer an inexhaustible supply of hair for transplantation to the scalp. With proper removal technique, the continued growth of beard hair at the removal site is not compromised.   This “auto-cloning” of beard hairs may be particularly effective for balding men who have little scalp hair left for transplantation, and …

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Hair Transplants That Don’t Look Like Transplants: Follicular Unit Transplantation Led the Way

hair transplants that don’t look like transplants follicular unit transplantation led the way

NEW YORK (October 16, 2003)– Men who had hair transplants 20 or more years ago were likely to have their transplants “noticed” by friends, colleagues and strangers. Far from being undetectable, the characteristic appearance of hair transplants was often described as “pluggy”, “like tufts in a toothbrush”, or “like rows of corn in a field”.   The characteristic appearance of …

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Low-Level Laser Therapy is Now a Do-It-Yourself Hair Loss Treatment

low level laser therapy is now a do it yourself hair loss treatment

NEW YORK (October 16, 2003)– While lasers are best known as high-energy beams of coherent light that can cut through a variety of materials including human tissue, low-energy laser light has been found to be capable of modulating beneficial biologic effects in human, animal and plant cells. The biomodulating effects of low-level laser light on human cells has been adapted …

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Follicular Unit Extraction Brings Minimally Invasive Surgery Technique to Hair Transplantation

follicular unit extraction brings minimally invasive surgery technique to hair transplantation

NEW YORK (October 16, 2003)– Hair transplantation is a two-part surgical procedure. First, the hair that is to be transplanted is surgically removed from the donor area on the scalp-most often, at the back of the head or nape of the neck where baldness seldom occurs. Then, after the surgically removed hair follicles are examined and “prepped” they are surgically …

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harvesting of donor hair for hair transplants

  Hair transplant surgery takes hair and follicles from a hair-bearing area of scalp and places them into a scalp area where hair has been lost. The donor site is the scalp area from which hair and follicles are removed. The recipient site is the scalp area where the donor hair is transplanted. The donor hair transplanted to the recipient …

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hair under the microscope

Hair restoration has progressed rapidly since its introduction about 50 years ago. Innovative hair restoration surgeons steadily improved surgical techniques which led to refinement of the aesthetic aspects of hair transplant surgery. Contributing to progress in hair transplantation is scientific research into the physical and chemical properties of hair. While biochemical research was discovering more about the hormonal and biomolecular …

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finasteride and prostate cancer

  Headline Facts and Figures The Influence of Finasteride 5 mg (Proscar®) on the Development of Prostate Cancer: What Does This New England Journal of Medicine Paper Mean for Users of Finesteride 1 mg (Propecia®)? The Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial reported in the July 17, 2003, issue of The New England Journal of Medicine studied the effect of finasteride 5 …

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hair restoration – progress & evolution

The treatment of hair loss, like any other field of medicine and surgery, is constantly evolving in response to new findings from research, new developments in medical and surgical technology, and review of previous experience. Because hair transplants is a form of cosmetic surgery, it also evolves in response to changing expectations of patients regarding the “look” that they hope …

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hair follicle origin

In the very early development of the human embryo, there is no indication of anything resembling a hair follicle. Neither is there an indication of anything resembling bone, nerves, internal organs or skin. The only cells in the early human embryo are precursor cells—stem cells—that are nudged into becoming specialized bone, nerve, internal organ or skin cells by the action …

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Largest Group of Hair Surgeons to Meet in New York, October 15-19, 2003

largest group of hair

NEW YORK (April 4, 2003)– Advances in hair follicle microsurgery, hair follicle cloning and hair restoration drug development are compelling topics today in the rapidly evolving field of hair restoration surgery. These and many other topics relevant to the rapidly advancing field will be presented and discussed when hundreds of hair restoration surgeons from all around the world meet in …

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hair restoration and service names

If you have been thinking about hair restoration, you have probably discovered that hair restoration, replacement and transplants are surgical procedures marketed under many service-marked names. You can probably find a half-dozen or more service marks involving hair restoration by scanning your daily newspaper, a few consumer magazines, and by a brief search of the Web. What common procedures may …

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the weathering of hair how hair damage makes the least of what

The wrinkled, bone-dry, parchment-like skin of a person who spends much of their life in the wind and sun is said to be “weathered”. While “weathering” is a term very familiar in association with skin, hair is also subject to cosmetic and structural damage that some experts call “weathering”. An example of weathered hair we all recognize is “surfer’s hair”—frazzled …

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