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Backgrounder: Operation Restore Case Studies

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 GENEVA, IL – November 16, 2010.  Operation Restore is the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’s (ISHRS) pro bono program, designed to match prospective hair restoration patients suffering from hair loss as a result of an accident, trauma or disease with physicians willing to help people who lack the resources to obtain treatment on their own. …

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11-Year-Old Fire Victim


NEW YORK (August 2, 2004)– Seven years ago, a then 4-year old Mitchel was trying to help out his father by refueling the lawn mower. He was attempting to fill its tank when he accidentally spilled some fuel onto the hot exhaust. Instantly, the gas ignited. The flames leaped onto the canister he was carrying and from there set Mitchel’s …

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