Dr. Timothy Carman Approaches Hair Transplantation Like His Art Canvas

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In this video, Timothy Carman, MD, FISHRS marries his love of hair transplantation and artwork and shares how science and art meet in performing hair transplant surgery.

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Dr. Carman has been an ISHRS Fellow and member for over 14 years and practicing hair transplants for 17 years.

As a painter and hair transplant surgeon, he combines the two things he loves the most: art and surgery. He sees his patients as walking works of art and the hair transplantation process as sculpting. His medium in surgery is human tissue. He even gets in the zone by listening to Mozart’s music.

In medicine, it is also important to understand the technical side. Dr. Carman says that while surgery is a scientific pursuit, human beings are examples of artwork made from the same thing the universe makes everything else out of.

Dr. Carman looks at a patient when evaluating for a hair transplant, understands the limitations and creates “artwork” around the patient’s limitations.

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