Female Hair Loss Diagnosis and Treatment DVD Set

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Sponsored by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

The majority of hair restoration surgery cases in a typical practice are men with androgenetic alopecia. However, females also present with hair loss, and it is important to correctly diagnose female patterned hair loss. Treating women with hair loss can be difficult. Sometimes it is necessary to perform repeated blood tests in order to look for subtle abnormalities. The design and techniques for treating female hair loss with transplant surgery are unique. Most education in hair restoration surgery focuses on hair transplantation for males with limited sessions on females. Therefore, a need was recognized for a workshop that was devoted to female hair loss and restoration.

A regional workshop on the topic of Female Hair Loss Diagnosis and Treatment took place July 17-19, 2009, in Poznan, Poland, and was hosted by Jerzy R. Kolasinski, MD, PhD. The lectures and surgeries were professionally recorded and edited, and this resultant DVD set (4 DVDs) was produced. CME credit will not be awarded for this educational video.  Click here to download Order Form.

DVD 1, 2, and 3 contain the lectures; and DVD 4 contains surgical footage.


  • Introduction, Jerzy Kolasinski, MD, PhD
  • ISHRS, Paul T. Rose, MD, JD
  • Strategies for Treating Female Patterned Hair Loss, Carlos Puig, DO
  • Female Patterned Hair Loss – Definition, Reasons, Diagnosis, Malgorzata Mackiewicz-Wysocka, MD, PhD
  • The Importance of Hormonal Tests in Diagnosis of Female Alopecia, Anna Modelska-Ziolkiewicz, MD, PhD


  • Fundamental Principle of Computerized Methods for Scalp Hair Growth Measurements, Malgorzata Mackiewiz-Wysocka, MD, PhD
  • Contemporary Concepts of Conservative Treatment in Women with Female Hair Loss, Malgorzata Mackiewiz-Wysocka, MD, PhD
  • Contemporary Concepts of Conservative Treatment in Women with Female Hair Loss – Systemic Treatment, Anna Modelska-Ziolkiewicz, MD, PhD
  • Hair Restoration Surgery in Female Patients: The Indications & Limitations, Carlos Puig, DO


  • Pre-Operative Markings and Surgical Techniques in Hair Transplantation in Women, Russell Knudsen, MBBS
  • Complications and Post Op Care in Female Hair Transplantation, Paul T. Rose, MD, JD
  • Hair Transplanting in Post-Cosmetic Surgery Patients, Jerzy Kolasinski, MD, PhD


  • Part 1: Surgical Plan and Drawing
  • Part 2: Anesthesia of Donor Area and Strip Harvesting
  • Part 3: Trichophytic Closure of the Donor Area
  • Part 4: Anesthesia of Recipient Area, Slits/Incisions, and Graft Placing

Additional information may be found at: http://ishrs-chopin.com