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What is the Next Step in the Hair Biology Field For Hair Regrowth?

Dr. Nilofer Farjo interviewed Dr. Claire Higgins, PhD. Dr. Higgins is a Senior Lecturer in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative medicine, and Principal Investigator of Higgins Lab. She obtained her undergraduate degree in Natural Sciences from Durham University, and stayed there to undertake a PhD in Skin Developmental Biology. In 2007 she moved to New York as a Postdoctoral Researcher in …

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Dr. Gorana Kuka-Epstein on Regenerative Medicine for Hair Loss

In this video, Dr. Gorana Kuka Epstein talks about her journey in regenerative medicine. She was trained as a plastic surgeon in Serbia and although she now lives in Miami practicing in consultation with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, she maintains an active practice in Belgrade, Serbia. Her interest in regenerative medicine came about from the idea that the body’s own tissue …

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