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The ISHRS Cheryl Pomerantz Surgical Assistants Training Resources Center contains materials to help physicians train new hair transplant surgical assistants / technicians.  The training resources have been developed by a task force composed of ISHRS physician and surgical assistant members who are devoted to the education and quality training of other professionals in their field.

The Training Resources Center is organized by training topics. The format of this resource center includes PowerPoint presentations, video files, images, sample PowerPoint slides for you to tailor so you can teach your surgical assistants, and Word documents with references and tips.

NOTE: Some files are downloadable and/or can be printed, however; videos cannot be downloaded and must be viewed via the Training Resources Center.

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Resource List:
1.   Introduction and Acknowledgements
2.   Job Description
3.   Basic science for the Beginner Technician
4.   Instrumentation
5.   Dissection: Slivering and Graft Preparation
6.   Graft Placement
7.   Trainer Placer Board
8.   Quality and ‘H’ factors (human factors)
9.   Efficiency Standards
10. Surgical Assistant Resource Manual

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