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Since its inception in 2004, Operation Restore has provided over $900,000  of free hair transplant and expenses for ninety (90) patients suffering from hair loss due to disease or trauma. The Program helps cover travel expenses for patients undergoing these procedures.


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Make Checks Payable To ISHRS – Operation Restore’ Or We Cannot Cash Checks.

Individual Donors

The ISHRS gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following individuals, all who have made monetary donations to Operation Restore within the past two years.

  • Essam Nabil Abdelmohsen, MSC, MBBch
  • Conradin von Albertini, MD, FISHRS
  • Julieta P. Arambulo, MD
  • Michael L. Beehner, MD, FISHRS
  • Robert M. Bernstein, MD, FISHRS
  • Mark A. Bishara, MD
  • Scott A. Boden, MD, FISHRS
  • Timothy P. Carman, MD, FISHRS
  • Márcio Crisóstomo, MD, MS, FISHRS
  • Jean Devroye, MD, FISHRS
  • Mark S. DiStefano, MD, FISHRS
  • Robert J. Dorin, DO
  • Alaa El-Din Afi El Saharty, FRCS
  • Vincenzo Gambino, MD, FISHRS
  • John D. N. Gillespie, MD, FISHRS
  • Thomas Griffin, MD
  • James A. Harris, MD, FISHRS
  • Barry Hendler, MD, DDS
  • Francisco Jimenez, MD, FISHRS
  • Roy G. Jones, MD
  • Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD, FISHRS
  • Sharon A. Keene, MD, FISHRS
  • Mei Li, MD
  • Jinran Lin, MD
  • Mario Marzola, MBBS
  • Jose C. Munguia, MD
  • Wichuda Namsiripongpun, MD
  • Eli Navadeh, MD, PhD
  • Robert P. Niedbalski, DO, FISHRS
  • Enrique A. Orozco Bonilla, MD, MBA, PhD
  • Gary Perrault, MD
  • Maria Petrus, MD
  • Carlos J. Puig, DO, FISHRS
  • Jose Rogerio Regis, Jr., MD
  • Nicole E. Rogers, MD, FISHRS
  • Marina Romero Garrido, MD
  • Daniel E. Rousso, MD, FISHRS
  • Marwan Saifi, MD, FISHRS
  • Sara L. Salas, MD
  • Lauren Saltzburg, DO
  • Luciano Sciacca, MD
  • Asim I. Shahmalek, MBBS, FISHRS
  • Richard C. Shiell, MBBS
  • Geza Sikos, MD
  • Fernanda da Silva Batista, Sr., MD
  • Saroj Suvanasuthi, MD, PhD
  • Robert H. True, MD, MPH
  • Zulfiqar H. Tunio, MBBS, MD
  • Anastasios Vekris, MD
  • Ken Washenik, MD, PhD, FISHRS
  • Sara Wasserbauer, MD, FISHRS
  • Ken L. Williams Jr., DO, FISHRS
  • Thitiwat Wirarojratchakul, MD
  • Georgios Zontos, MD, PhD

ISHRS Surgeons Who Have Performed Cases

The ISHRS gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following physicians who have donated their surgical and medical services to Operation Restore.

  • Jennifer Alexander, MBBS
  • Alan Bauman, MD, FISHRS
  • Michael Beehner, MD, FISHRS
  • Timonty Carman, MD, FISHRS
  • Glenn Charles, DO
  • Jerry Cooley, MD, FISHRS
  • Paul Cotterill, MD, FISHRS
  • Mark DiStefano, MD, FISHRS
  • Jason Dudas, MD
  • Edwin Epstein, MD, FISHRS
  • Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FISHRS
  • Bessam Farjo, MBChB, FISHRS
  • Nilofer Farjo, MBChB, FISHRS
  • James Harris, MD, FISHRS
  • Jerzy Kolasinski, MD, PhD, FISHRS
  • Malgorzata Kolenda MD, PhD, FISHRS
  • Matt Leavitt, DO
  • Bobby Limmer, MD, FISHRS
  • Jose Lorezo, MD
  • Tony Mangubat, MD
  • Mario Marzola, MBBS
  • Mel Mayer, MD, FISHRS
  • Paul McAndrews, MD, FISHRS
  • Daniel McGrath, DO
  • Parsa Mohebi, MD, FISHRS
  • Robert Niedbalski, DO, FISHRS
  • Jae Pak, MD
  • William Parsley, MD, FISHRS
  • David Perez-Meza, MD, FISHRS
  • Carlos Puig, DO, FISHRS
  • William Rassman, MD
  • Rene Rodriguez, MD
  • Nicole Rogers, MD, FISHRS
  • Paul Rose, MD, JD, FISHRS
  • Marla Ross, MD
  • Daniel Rousso, MD, FISHRS
  • Antonio Ruston, MD
  • Marie Schambach, MD, FISHRS
  • Asim Shahmalak, MBBS, FISHRS
  • Ronald Shapiro, MD, FISHRS
  • Paul Straub, MD, FISHRS
  • Martin Unger, MD, FISHRS
  • Robin Unger, MD
  • James Vogel MD, FISHRS
  • Michael Vories, MD
  • Sara Wasserbauer, MD, FISHRS
  • Franklin Weinstein, MD
  • Craig Ziering, DO, FISHRS

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