ISHRS 2021 Advanced/Board Review Course

Course Description

The 2021 Course has concluded. Stay tuned for the 2022 Course.

The Advanced/Board Review Course offers a comprehensive curriculum aimed at two audiences:

  • Practitioners who want to do well on the written and oral ABHRS exams
  • Intermediate/advanced hair surgeons who want to learn sophisticated and new techniques

The online course included 25 authoritative lecture videos on advanced-level hair restoration surgery topics. Created for the 2020 course, these lectures are available on demand to 2021 participants. Topics include alopecia, patient selection and donor area, recipient area planning, ethics, emergencies and complications. New for 2021, a series of video lectures delving further into advanced topics was added.

Participants also gained valuable information about the American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery certification and application process, the written exam and the oral exam. For the first (and perhaps only) time, the ABHRS Exam took place entirely online in fall 2021, saving participants travel time and expense.

Next, participants tested their aptitude with two all-new live sessions of mock oral and written exams. Led by our expert faculty of former ABHRS exam takers and administrators, these sessions took participants through the exam process, and posed a number of sample written exam questions and oral exam cases, which were different than those presented in prior years. The ABHRS written exam was fundamentally changed, and it is important to learn about this new format.

Two live sessions were held several months apart so participants could gauge their learning progress and refresh their test-taking skills just prior to the exam. Mock exam cases and faculty were different for each session.

Also included with the course were recordings of the 2020 live mock exam sessions.

The course is an excellent opportunity to sharpen your critical-thinking and test-taking skills, as well as learn valuable information, tips and techniques from many of the top hair restoration surgeons around the world.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe what the ABHRS is, what is stands for, and how it can help Diplomates
  • Review the credentialing requirements that must be met to be able to sit for the ABHRS
    Certification Exam. 
  • List the 10 major content categories that make the exam
    • General principles of hair restoration Surgery
    • Donor area, recipient sites, grafts 
    • Hair loss diagnosis and pathology
    • Scalp Reductions, flaps, extensions, and expansions
    • Emergency situations and interventions
    • Anatomy, histology and physiology of scalp and hair
    • Anesthesia
    • Pharmacology and medical treatment of Alopecia
    • Ethics in hair restoration
    • Follicular Unit Excision 
  • List the overall percentage of questions from each content category used to create the written exam
  • Described take home points for each of the topic areas listed
  • Describe the types of questions asked during the written and the oral exams
  • Identify personal areas of weakness so that your study and review can be targeted.
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