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Amir Yazdanshenas, MD

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Modena Hair Institute
2121 E. Coast Hwy #170
Newport Beach

CA 92660



Phone:  1 (949) 374-2563

alternate Address

Modena Hair Transplant Beverly Hills
435 N. Bedford Drive, Suite 216
Beverly Hills, Ca 90210

Modena Hair Transplant Newport Beach
2121 E. Coast Hwy #170
Newport Beach, Ca 92660

Modena Hair Transplant Las Vegas
2629 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Ste 110
Henderson, NV 89052


Link to Video of Strip (FUT) procedure at Modena Hair Transplant Institute by Dr. Amir Yazdan

Link to Video of Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) procedure at Modena Hair Transplant Institute by Dr. Amir Yazdan

Link to Video of Beard Transplantation procedure at Modena Hair Transplant Institute by Dr. Amir Yazdan

Link to "The Doctor's TV Show" with Dr. Yazdan Helping A Victim of Bullying Who Had Her Hair Ripped Out

Link To "The Doctor's TV Show" with Dr. Yazdan Discussing Eyebrow Restoration

FUE Hair Transplant In An African American Male Patient

About the Doctor

Exceptionally talented hair transplant doctors are rare, and their work continues to stun the media world. Elon Musk, Wayne Rooney, John Travolta, Mel Gibson – the list grows daily. Working silently and with ruthless consistency perfecting the methods of follicular extraction for over eleven years, Dr. Amir Yazdan believes in the extraordinary power of devoting yourself to something wholeheartedly.

Since opening up his flagship clinic in Southern California, Dr. Amir Yazdan has taken extreme pride in advancing the field of hair restoration through hyper-specialization of technique, method and practice. Noticing an alarming trend of family practices and cosmetic clinics offering PRP hair therapy and other hair restoration solutions in order to meet the increasing hair loss needs of men and women, Dr. Yazdan doubled down on small-batch quality hair restoration work. Now after significant career-long contributions and successes by Dr. Yazdan and others, the hair restoration marketplace has transformed itself to demand only the highest expertise, safety and results from it’s practitioners.

Dr. Amir Yazdan – Mastering the Art of Hair Transplantation

As one of the best hair transplant doctors in California, Dr. Amir Yazdan is proud to be named among the Top 25 Hair Transplant Doctors In The World for 2020, 2021 and 2022 by noted publication Ape to Gentleman and world-renowned consultant Spencer ‘Spex’ Stevenson. Dr. Yazdan is a nationally recognized expert in the field of hair restoration, and is an active member of the most pre-eminent and prestigious hair transplant societies in the world (listed below).

Dr. Yazdan specializes in both the FUE and FUT/Strip Hair Restoration surgeries, as well as being one of the few physicians who routinely performs FUE for African American and Ethnic patients. In addition, in order to continually challenge himself, as well as set new standards of quality and procedure in the industry, Dr. Yazdan has become one of the foremost experts in body hair transplantation and botched hair transplant repair. He is board certified and a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the world’s leading medical authority on hair loss and hair restoration as well as the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons known for its commitment to hair transplant patient education and safety.

At every point throughout his career, Dr. Yazdan has been on the forefront of hair transplant innovation. He firmly believes that an aesthetic eye is innate to a quality hair transplant doctor. Dr. Yazdan’s commitment to unnoticeable aesthetic restoration has resulted in safer surgical protocols and finer and more detailed procedures.

Life-Changing Testimonials

Over Dr. Yazdan’s long and decorated tenure, he’s changed many lives and made lifelong friendships with his patients. Ali Willam from a 2021 FUE procedure shares:

“Dr. Amir Yazdan felt like one of those rare doctors who are clearly surgically brilliant but also very personable and engaging. Hair restoration procedures, from the research I’ve done, can be like navigating a minefield. From the aesthetic strategy of the procedure itself to cost and recovery, it can be intimidating and complex. Dr. Yazdan showed me previous case studies with similar styles to mine and dove into rich comparisons that eased all my tensions. He discussed all the options in highly understandable terms and made himself available for any questions. The result was a procedure that was easy, efficient and professional – and everyone in the office was friendly and accommodating. He was incredibly detailed and careful. Most of all, the results are terrific!”

In addition to a busy surgical practice, Dr. Yazdan lectures both nationally and internationally at hair restoration conferences and scientific panels. Dr. Yazdan also maintains staff privileges at Kaiser Permanente in California. When Dr. Yazdan isn’t caring for patients he is spending valuable time with his wife and daughters, and enjoying the many outdoor adventures Southern California has to offer.


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Procedures Performed

  • Body hair transplantation
  • Burned scalp reconstruction
  • Ethnic hair
  • Eyebrows
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
  • Medical (non-surgical) management of hair loss for men
  • Medical (non-surgical) management of hair loss for women
  • Scar revision