New Online Survey Challenges the Public to Identify Hair Transplant Patients from Series of Photos

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GENEVA, IL. – December 18, 2006. While most men would be thrilled to get a plasma TV this holiday season, some men would be willing to part with one for something even more valuable – more hair.


The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) – the world's leading medical authority on hair loss and hair restoration – participated in a national online survey asking men with male pattern hair loss whether or not they would trade a personal possession for more hair and what items they treasure the most that they would be willing to part with in exchange for more hair.


Of the 2,338 men with male pattern hair loss polled, more than half (57%) said they would be willing to give up something they owned in exchange for more hair. For the 1,323 men who said they would be willing to part with a personal possession for more hair, a stereo system was chosen by the most respondents (26%) from the list of six items polled in the survey. In addition, 21% would be willing to give up their cell phone, 17% said they would trade an expensive car, 17% would hand over their laptop computer, 13% would ante up their plasma TV, and 6% said they would do without a boat for a few more locks.


"This survey confirms that men place an extremely high value on their hair and would go to great lengths to restore it – even if it means giving up something valuable to them," said Paul C. Cotterill, M.D., president of the ISHRS. "When most of us reflect on what would make us happy this holiday season, I think we would find that intangibles, such as looking or feeling better, would top more wish lists than expensive gifts."


An estimated 80 million American men and women suffer from male and female pattern hair loss. Fortunately, recent scientific breakthroughs have made hair restoration an option for almost everyone. Hair restoration surgery and proven medical treatments are an effective combination in treating people with thinning hair and limiting future hair loss. The survey, funded by Merck & Co., Inc., was conducted via the internet from October 5-26, 2006, by TNS Healthcare, a global market research company.


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Founded in 1993, the ISHRS is a non-profit medical association dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of hair restoration. With a membership of over 600 physicians worldwide, the ISHRS provides continuing medical education to physicians specializing in hair loss and restoration surgery and serves as a resource for the public on the latest medical and surgical hair restoration treatments for hair loss. For more information and to locate a physician, visit



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