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Dr. Jerzy Kolasinski Shares Case Studies from Operation Restore Program

https://youtu.be/5cnUdMlZp2A Meet Jerzy Kolasinski, a plastic surgeon from Poland and Immediate Past Chairman of the ISHRS Operation Restore pro bono committee. In this video, Dr. Kolasinski shares some of his and colleagues’ case studies of patients who went through the program. For the last 20 years, the Operation Restore committee was founded with the mission…

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Woman with Dermatofibrous Sarcoma on the Scalp

I was diagnosed with a Dermatofibrous sarcoma (a self-contained malignant tumor) when I was 26 years old which had been growing on the back of my head since I was born. When the doctor removed the 2-inch tumor so much tissue had to be removed that they needed to use a graft to close the…

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41-Year-Old Fire Victim

My story begins one February night in 2002 when I went out to a night club. It was the infamous Rhode Island Station Club. What began as a night out with friends, ended as one of the deadliest fires in night club history. 100 people died from this fire and many others were seriously injured….

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