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Woman with Dermatofibrous sarcoma on the scalp

I was diagnosed with a Dermatofibrous sarcoma (a self-contained malignant tumor) when I was 26 years old which had been growing on the back of my head since I was born. When the doctor removed the 2-inch tumor so much tissue had to be removed that they needed to use a graft to close the …
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41-Year-Old Fire Victim

My story begins one February night in 2002 when I went out to a night club. It was the infamous Rhode Island Station Club. What began as a night out with friends, ended as one of the deadliest fires in night club history. 100 people died from this fire and many others were seriously injured. …
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27-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

My story began in Oct. 2008 when I was only 23 years old. I had a large tumor growing out of the side of my face. After having it surgically removed, it quickly returned and I again underwent surgery on it. At that time I got the devastating news that it was a rare cancer, …
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