Prosthetic Hair Fibers

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ISHRS Position Statement on Prosthetic Hair Fibers

Prosthetic hair fibers are also known as “artificial hair fibers” and “synthetic hair fibers.”

Prosthetic hair fibers are used as an aesthetic solution for hair loss patients. In 1983, the United States Federal Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) banned prosthetic hair fibers.

“… The FDA found there was no public health benefit to this device. This device presented a substantial deception to patients or users about the benefits of the device. The prosthetic hair fibers did not stimulate hair growth nor conceal baldness, but could actually cause serious infections, illness, and injuries from their implantation. We believed that the labeling and advertising materials directly or implied misrepresented the device as safe, effective, and causing little or no discomfort, among other misleading claims.”

Citation: Medical Device Bans | FDA. Content current as of: April 6, 2020. Available from:

The ISHRS aligns with the U.S. FDA position on this matter. 

Adopted by the ISHRS Board of Governors, Dec. 11, 2021