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The pain associated with the procedure is one of the greatest fears confronting the potential hair restoration patient. You should be concerned about the discomfort associated with the surgery. This is natural and questions about discomfort and its control should be discussed with the physician prior to surgery.


Surgical hair restoration actually results in less operative discomfort than many other surgical procedures. Most patients, after surgery, state the pain was less than a visit to the dentist’s office. Patients vary greatly in pain tolerance and concern about discomfort.


Discomfort control during a surgical hair restoration procedure is commonly accomplished by:

  • Premedication to reduce anxiety and increase the discomfort threshold; typical medications are Valium or similar drugs
  • Local anesthesia during the procedure to numb the area where the surgery is being performed.


The selection of premedication and local anesthetic is based on a number of factors including: the physician’s preference, patient’s age and physical condition, medical history, type of procedure, and duration of the procedure.


Postoperative discomfort is experienced at different intensity and duration by individual patients. Most patients report no more than mild discomfort after surgical hair restoration. Discomfort typically lasts no longer than a day or two, followed by 7 to 10 days of tenderness to the touch. Appropriate medications to relieve discomfort are prescribed by the physician.

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