Manfred Lucas Lifetime Achievement Award

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The Manfred Lucas Lifetime Achievement Award honors the memory of a highly respected founding member of the ISHRS. Dr. Lucas was already well known throughout the world for his advanced and innovative hair restoration techniques and meticulous hairlines at the time the ISHRS was founded in 1993. His untimely death in 1997 at age 59 deprived a generation of surgeons the benefits of being exposed to his wide range of artistic talents, surgical skills, compassion for patients, and philosophic mind. A true Renaissance man, Manfred explored his passions in the air flying ultralights and hang gliding, on the water kayaking, under the water scuba diving, and on the ground skiing, playing tennis, and on safari by horseback. He sketched, painted, and sculpted, and one of his magnificent nudes was chosen as the manifestation of the Manfred Lucas Award, recognizing a lifetime of achievement in the field of hair restoration surgery.

Previous Manfred Lucas Lifetime Achievment Award winners

  • Mario Marzola, MBBS – 2018
  • Paul M. Straub, MD, FISHRS – 2016
  • Dr. Shoji Okuda – 2015
  • Russell G. Knudsen, MBBS, FISHRS – 2014
  • Marcelo Gandelman, MD – 2012
  • William M. Parsley, MD – 2011
  • Dowling B. Stough, IV, MD – 2010
  • Michael L. Beehner, MD – 2007
  • Bobby L. Limmer, MD – 2006
  • James Arnold, MD – 2004
  • Walter P. Unger, MD – 2003
  • Sheldon S. Kabaker, MD – 2000
  • Richard C. Shiell, MBBS – 1999
  • O ‘Tar T. Norwood, MD – 1998
  • Norman Orentreich, MD – 1997