ISHRS 2020 World Congress & Ancillary Courses

ISHRS 2020 World Congress

We are pleased to invite all physicians and hair researchers with an interest in hair restoration to the 28th World Congress of the ISHRS which will take place in a virtual format. As the field of Hair Transplantation Surgery continues to evolve, we invite you to join us to discuss and learn about new findings, new research, new techniques, new pearls and ideas.

Featured speakers have been confirmed and include:

  • Angela Christiano, 3-D Bioprinting and In-Vitro Hair Follicle Formation
  • Maxim Plikus, Mechanisms of regeneration and stem cell control, how complex tissues and organs regenerate under normal conditions and in response to injury
  • Alexey Terskikh, Induced Pluripotential Stem Cells (iPSCs) into Folliculogenic Dermal PapillaCells (DPCs) and Three-Dimensional Biodegradable Scaffold
  • Danielle Ofri, What Patients Say, What Doctors Hear (and Vice Versa)

In addition to the featured speakers, internationally known researchers and clinicians will also join our panels immediately following most general sessions including Luis Garza, Ander Izeta, and more.

Join us – the first Virtual ISHRS World Congress is not to be missed! For details visit our World Congress website complete with outlines, faculty, schedule, registration, FAQ’s and much more:

Welcome Message from Dr. Paul mcAndrews, ISHRS Vice-President

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Testimonial Video from Dr. Marcio Crisostomo, FISHRS

In this video, Dr. Marcio Crisostomo, Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgeon in Brazil shares why he has attended ISHRS World Congresses for the past 10 years.

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In addition to the 28th Annual World Congress in October, we have several Ancillary Courses in August, September and October.

Ancillary Courses

ISHRS 2020 Basics Course in Hair Restoration

This year’s Basics Course is the perfect way to learn about various aspects of hair restoration without the need to travel during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

It will take you through the foundation of this specialty and will empower you to build a strong and balanced practice around the core knowledge and skills that you will acquire from the most seasoned and knowledgeable international faculty.

This year’s course is structured to provide you with the very basic concepts in lecture format and for the first time, each session is coupled with VIDEOS from the experts in the field. These lectures and videos can be accessed for three months after the live session dates. Plus, every participant has the opportunity to ask multiple questions to the presenter, online and offline. At the end of the conference, these all questions and answers will be uploaded to be available for later viewing.

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As there will be no hands-on workshop, this part is replaced by videos from the experts.

These videos are designed for training and understanding of how to draw a the hair line, how to address the donor area assessment, the basics of FUT and FUE harvesting, the safe and efficient way of placing the grafts using either forceps or implanters, and an insight how to choose your FUE equipment and punch.

In this course, you will have our most esteemed faculty taking you through all aspects of basic patient care, from initial patient selection and understanding of donor assessment, understanding of androgenic and non-androgenic alopecia, discussion on female hair loss, creation of male female hair line, basic understanding of both non-surgical and surgical management, and how to avoid complications. The final discussion will allow be a very friendly, open dialogue between experts and course participants on the merits of both FUT and FUE.

Dates: August 22-23 and August 29-30, 2020

For details, visit:

Advanced/Board Review Course

This year’s Advanced/Board Review Course offers the most comprehensive and targeted curriculum aimed at two audiences: the practitioner who wants to do well on the written and oral American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) exams and the intermediate/advanced hair surgeon who wants to learn sophisticated and new techniques to improve his/her surgical expertise and understanding.

The program has been developed by Dr. Jerzy Kolasinski (Poland) and Dr. Sam Lam (USA) and will be held on Saturday, September 26 and on Saturday, October 3.

Dr. Sam Lam shares A Summary of the Course

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For details, visit:

Surgical Assistant’s Course

Since this year’s program is virtual, we will have as many videos as possible. This virtual meeting will provide Surgical Assistant’s with an excellent opportunity to learn from experts around the world about different steps of a hair transplant procedure. It is intended for all levels of surgical assistants, whether a novice or have 30 years of experience.

First, we will have a virtual tour in two major clinics in the hair transplant field and having an in-depth view of how things are run there on a day of surgery.

The increased interest in the use of implanters over the past years, and the development of different implanters, has caused the talk about them a necessity in any hair transplantation meeting. So, this year we will dedicate a major part of the meeting to talk about different implanters.

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting all aspects of our lives, so we will have a talk on this important topic, in addition to many other interesting talks touching on the different roles of surgical assistants in a hair transplant procedure.

Date: Sunday, October 18, 2020

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