ISHRS Statement in Response to Pakistani Actor Sajid Hasan’s Severe Complications with His Hair Transplantation Surgery

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The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is deeply dismayed to hear of Pakistani actor Sajid Hasan’s undesirable experience and severe complications due to his hair transplantation surgery. It’s tragic that he and other patients around the world suffer from complications as a result of improperly trained physicians practicing hair restoration surgery.
The ISHRS is a global non-profit medical association and the leading authority on hair loss treatment and restoration with more than 1,100 members throughout 70 countries worldwide. The ISHRS is dedicated to achieving excellence in patient outcomes by promoting the highest standards of medical practice.
The ISHRS provides continuing medical education to physicians specializing in hair transplant surgery and is committed to educating physicians and providing them with training and access to innovative state-of-the-art hair transplantation techniques and approaches. As an example, ISHRS is hosting a World Live Surgery Workshop for physicians in Dubai Healthcare City, UAE, from March 8-10. The event will provide a very intense educational experience to physicians, including 20+ guest surgeons from around the world who will demonstrate their techniques live.
Additionally, the ISHRS works diligently to educate consumers about the numerous challenges individuals face when considering hair restoration surgery — and the importance of thoroughly researching potential treatments, procedures and medical providers. Information about how to select a surgeon and what questions to ask can be found at:

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