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Stop: Good reasons to delay your hair transplantation surgery.

Some young men with male-pattern baldness begin seeing their hair recede at an early age may be inclined to rush to begin the hair restoration process.  But hair restoration surgeons know that, with young men, it sometimes pays to be patient.

Some factors that may persuade you from jumping into hair restoration surgery include:

  • Family history of male pattern hair loss—if you rush into hair restoration surgery, you may prematurely use up the hair follicles that are typically used for transplantation.  It may be smarter to wait until your hair loss more fully develops before seeking hair restoration.  This is not to say that one should go bald before a transplant is done; what ideally should be accomplished is stabilization of one’s hair loss before initiating a surgical procedure–especially at a young age.  Patients who hastily seek out hair restoration surgery may find that the transplanted grafts end up being “islands” in the middle of balding scalp.
  • Your hair loss may not get worse.  Hair loss that begins at an early age is not always predictive of how much hair will eventually be lost, or the eventual pattern of hair loss.  Sometimes,  hair loss on the forehead, above the temples and eyebrows may not advance any further.  Seeking hair restoration surgery at this juncture might be premature!


Surgeons are accustom to dealing with men who fear hair loss at an early age may prematurely age them.  Fortunately, there are cosmetic and medical treatments available that can help patients be more patient!  Talk to your hair restoration surgeon about your concerns.

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