Recap: Latin American FUE and Live Surgery Workshop in Argentina

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ISHRS members attended the Fifth Annual Latin American FUE and Live Surgery Workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina from March 18-March 20, 2019.  It was organized by the Paraguayan Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, a Global Council member and hosted by the Plastic Surgery Society of Buenos Aires(SCPBA). The objective was to share experience and knowledge of the hair restoration surgery practice with peers so that they can easily reproduce cutting edge techniques with their patients.

Dr. Conradin von Albertini, Dr. Arthur Tykocinski, ISHRS President and Dr. Bessam Farjo, ISHRS Past President

The event consisted of two days of panel and individual discussions and individual presentations. There was a nice balance of comparing FUE techniques but also covering non-surgical therapies. Regarding the FUE surgery, the emphasis was on safe practice and preserving the hair of individual patients and thinking of the long term effects of the hair transplant surgeries.

Brazilian Colleagues
Dr. Francisco Le Voci from Brazil, Dr. Víctor Vallejo, Dr. Francisco Jimenez, Vice-President ISHRS and Dr. Oscar Marinacci from Argentina

Some of the topics in the two day event were:

  • How to Rule out Cicatricial Alopecia Before Deciding to Transplant
  • Emerging Therapies for Hair Loss
  • Determining Safe Extraction in FUE
  • Extraction Pattern Modeling
  • Hair Line Time Evolution
  • Frontal Hair Line Reconstruction
  • The Importance of Restoring Temporal Peaks in Patients Who Require it
  • Implantation Techniques using implanters such as the Hybrid Implanter, Keep Implanter and Mohebi Implanter
  • Combo FUE and FUT – Why and How?
  • FUE for Correcting Female Androgenic Alopecia
  • Post Traumatic FUE
  • Hair Transplant in Scars
  • Technical Evolution in Beard Hair Transplant
  • Eyebrow Hair Transplant
  • FUE Long Hair Transplants
  • Hair Transplantation in Young Patients
  • FUE vs FUT: a Comparative Study of the Coefficient (hair per graft)

See the full program here.

Dr. Luis RobertoTrevillini, Dr. Bob True and Dr. Vincenzo Gambino in surgery

The live surgery involved demonstrating between sharp instrumentation and the new and more modern multiphasic type devices. There was also a session on potential new oral and topical therapies that are potentially coming to the market as well as cell therapies that could revolutionize the way hair transplant surgeons treat their patients.

16 operations took place on the live surgery workshop. Dr Maria Muricy operating extracting FUE grafts and on the left, Dr. Bessam Farjo and the right is Dr. Oscar Marinacci.
Dr. Nicolas Lusicic illustrates his placing technique, at the brilliantly organized surgery center run by him and Dr. Alejandra Susacasa.

There was also a round table discussion about the Black Market. Directing the panel was Dr.  Craig Ziering and included Dr. Sharon Keene, Dr. Bob True, Dr. Francisco Jimenez, Dr. Arthur Tykocinski and Dr. Bessam Farjo. For more information on this important topic where we are educating consumers on the Unlicensed Practice of Hair Transplant surgery, please read the blog post and  this page.  

Dr. Ziering spreading the message about the Black Market

An award was presented to Dr. William Rassman for his important contributions to the FUE technique. (Pictured second to the left in the picture below.) You can read more about Dr. Rassman’s bio on his website.


“This was the most fantastic meeting I have ever attended for the field of hairtransplantnetwork and for FUE in particular. The creativity of every individual who presented was amazing. I was honored to be there and meeting so many brilliant people. The great founders like Jim Harris and others humbled me. Thank you all for your hospitality.”- Dr. Bill Rassman

Dr. Vincenzo Gambino dedicated a few minutes to the memory of Dr. Orentreich.

A great conference also includes amazingconversations with colleagues and friends over dinner. Until the next one!

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