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Hair loss in young men: this is your father’s male patterned baldness.


Unfortunately for some young men or teens, this is your father’s hair loss you now see in the mirror.  Male pattern baldness can strike some men at a very young age, causing some brief panic that spurs them to make rash or hasty decisions.  But here’s where a consultation with a professional hair restoration surgeon may save you money and heartache.


A hair surgeon may counsel you that that hair transplant surgery may not always be the right option at the time of your initial consultation, for some of the following reasons:

  • The pattern and progression of hair loss has usually not been fully revealed at this early age
  • Hair transplantation performed this early may be less than desirable later in life when the pattern and progression of hair loss has been more fully revealed
  • It may be difficult to design a surgical procedure at that young of an age that will look appropriate for the rest of the patients life–as he loses more hair
  • Once hair transplantation is begun, future hair surgeries will be  required to maintain a natural appearance
  • Unfortunate results of hair transplantation performed too early may have to correct later
  • Even with parental guidance, it is difficult for a minor to make informed decisions


Hair surgery may ultimately be the best approach for a younger patient but in the meantime, an interim approach is best, such as minoxidil (Rogaine), finasteride (Propecia), the only hair restoration medications approved by the FDA, and/or low-level laser therapy.

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