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The International Trichology Congress ran its 3rd annual congress in Manchester, England. The concept was born out of an idea to bring together the various specialists from all areas with hair care and hair loss in common. This included trichologists, scientists, industry people, product makers, doctors and hair transplant surgeons.

Left to right: Dr Rachael Kay, Dr. Nilofer Farjo, Dr. Francisco Jimenez, Dr. Ahmed Saeed, Dr. Tunde Tijyani, Dr. Harris Haseeb, Dr. Shoharam Bin Soleiman, Dr. Greg Williams and Dr. Bessam Farjo( All ISHRS members)

This year they introduced the concept of supporting societies where each would nominate a speaker to represent them. These were ISHRS, EHRS, Institute of Trichologists, International Association of Trichologists, Centre for Skin Sciences at the University of Bradford, Micropigmentation UK and the BAHRS.

The clinic speakers and topic titles included:

  • Dr. Francisco Jimenez – State-of-the-Art Hair Transplantation and the Educated Patient and Protecting Patients from the Black Market
  • Dr. Ramon Grimalt, PhD – Alopecia Areata in childhood.
  • David Salinger, IAT – Trichological practice around the world
  • Dr. Sharon Wong – Clinical diagnosis & treatments of more perplexing hair conditions
  • Dr. Dilan Fernando, BSC(HONS), MBBS – When to refer for hair transplant surgery
  • Eva Proudman, MIT – Hair loss & hair treatments throughout the ages
  • Mark Smith

The scientific speakers and topic titles included:

  • Rachel Sedman, Msc – Getting under the skin of hair ageing.
  • Bob Hefford, PhD – The growing phenomena of Hair Bond Builders
  • Paul Cornwell, PhD – Insights into the causes of hair breakage in Afro-textured hair
  • Professor Mike Philpott, PhD – In-vitro hair follicles: the next generation of modelling

Additionally, the Hair Science Awards made a return with nominees and winners in the categories of Trichologist, Newcomer Trichologist, Hair Care Product, Lifetime Achievement and Lifetime Contribution to Hair Research. The awards were founded to celebrate and congratulate the best in the trichology field within peers.

David Salinger, IAT MIT, received the Lifetime Achievement Award
Carole Michaelides received the Outstanding Trichologist award

Congratulations to Dr. Bessam Farjo, MB, CHB, FISHRS, FIT and Iain Sallis, MIT, IAT for a successful event!

From left to right: Iain Sallis and Dr. Bessam Farjo

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