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On February 28th of 1995 I had the first of my four hair transplant procedures. Since then, I have never looked back. What a difference this made in my life. The experience made a major change in my appearance. I became an icon of hair transplantation for my two closest friends who have also had the same procedures and for countless associates who have come to know me over the last ten years.


The first immediate gratification was the improvement it made in bringing a youthful appearance to me for my daughter’s wedding. What a pleasure it was to walk my beautiful daughter down the isle and know that I looked like her dad and not her grandfather. The second gratification was the confidence it provided in my professional life. As a music educator/music conductor, I felt that my appearance made a big difference in my self-esteem and the manner in which I approached my communication with students, musicians and clients. It’s a wonderful experience to approach a mirror and not see the glaring reality of baldness and the product of aging that accompanies it. The most important reality of hair transplantation is; when you complete it you wished you would have done it sooner. Don’t let the hassle of apprehension dictate the pleasure of the completed results. Confidence looks good on my hair transplantation.


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. E. Antonio Mangubat


BEFORE                                                           AFTER





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