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Hair restoration surgery success stories: Wes Welker

Balding men everywhere got a small victory when NFL Player Wes Welker spoke publicly about his hair restoration surgery.

It’s not uncommon to see balding men consistently depicted in the media as bumbling and less than masculine.

For every Michael Jordan out there, there are far more Lex Luthers out there, as ESPN.com points out. And for every Telly Savalas’s Kojak in the entertainment industry, there are more small-minded balding men depicted, like Dick Van Dyke’s boss Mel Cooley.

To have a New England Patriots wide receiver speaking out about his hair loss and his hair restoration surgery is a win. It is gratifying to see that he sought out ISHRS member Dr. Robert Leonard.

Let’s hope that Wes Welker’s experience is positive and leads to more athletes “coming out” of the hair restoration closet.

We can hope that he embodies what true hair restoration surgery ought to be – a positive lifestyle change, free of snickering and second-guessing.

It is a great sign that he thinks so highly of Dr. Robert Leonard and the procedure that he signed on as a spokesman for the doctor’s practice.

What do you think about Welker’s openness about his hair loss? Do you think it will inspire more in the media to come forward? Will you talk more openly about your plans for hair restoration surgery?

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