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The popularity of facial hair for men has certainly changed over the last several years.  Online publications reporting on beard transplants almost weekly.  Why you ask?


You will find many celebrities on the red carpet sporting a beard or goatee as it has become a fashion trend.  Patients want the Brad Pitt and George Clooney look while some still yearn for the Tom Selleck mustache.


Hair restoration surgeons say hipsters have been leading the trend in the last 5 years. “Men between the ages of 26-40 are the single largest group” states hair restoration surgeon Jeffrey Epstein.  Men want a more creative and witty look.


Beards and goatees can have many different shapes and designs. It says a lot about a man and can be looked upon as sexy.  It can tell others if you have a professional or fun look, it makes a statement.


New York hair restoration surgeon Yael Halaas, said she has seen a stream of demand with men “complaining either they can’t grow much of a beard at all or that they have patchy areas that weren’t filing in properly”.


In many cultures, the sign of masculinity is facial hair.  Spotty and patchy areas make a man look sloppy and patchy whiskers won’t do in a hipster world.

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