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When I was asked “what made this a good experience,” I decided to reflect on myself, the patient.


Anyone reading this letter doesn’t need me to re-iterate the psychological implications of losing your hair. You know it first hand. What you do need to know is that my hair transplant effectively reversed all my personal emotional roadblocks.


The cliché “you become who you think and you feel you are” is so true. Prior to the transplant, my actions and demeanour reflected my feelings of being less respected, less credible, old, and the list goes on. I am delighted to tell you that my hair transplant was the total catalyst to changing my perception of myself. It is not the physical appearance of my new hairline (although I must admit there are few mirrors I can pass without an admiring glance) it is my vastly improved self image. I have more energy, more confidence and am undeniably more productive. You would not believe the number of compliments I am receiving and few of them are about my hair. I am well aware that I carry myself differently and my influence at work has not gone unnoticed. In retrospect, it is sad to think something as vain as my hairline had such a profound yet unknowing negative impact on my performance.


What is amazing to me is that I cared more about my hair loss when I was younger. I had my hair transplant at 57. The change in my life even at this age has been so rejuvenating I can only imagine what it would have done for me 10 – 15 years ago.


The reasons I didn’t do it then, seem so ridiculous now. Embarrassment, fear, skepticism, machismo, and pressure to ‘grow old gracefully’, they all played a part but, I think it was ignorance of the whole concept that played the biggest role. It took only one consultation with Dr. Simmons at the Canadian Hair Transplant Centre to eliminate almost all of those preconceived worries. There was no arrogance, no sales pitch, and no judgment. It was a relaxing, candid and actually a very interesting conversation.


The surgery was conducted right in Dr. Simmons’ office. I watched movies all day while the procedure was being done. We exchanged jokes and stories and then it was over. The whole experience was nothing like what ‘surgery’ would suggest.


The results were far beyond my expectations. After only 8 months, even my barber of 25 years was so impressed that he asked for Dr. Simmons’ business cards. He said it was the best hair transplant he had ever seen, and he has seen many. (I would like to think that I made Dr. Simmons’ work look good).


Obviously I am a very happy customer and because I have been where you are right now, I was compelled to share my good fortune with you. I would recommend to anyone in your situation to at least make a phone call to a recommended hair transplant centre, one where you talk directly with the doctor who will do the transplant. It is a harmless, private conversation with no expectations. This really is one call that could change your entire outlook on life.


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Cam Simmons, MD


BEFORE                                                        AFTER



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