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Hairpiece Removed without Notice. After years of wearing a hairpiece, I finally decided I wanted a more natural solution for my hair loss. The hairpiece was not only a source of discomfort and worry, but was also beginning to look less and less realistic as the hair around my temple areas began to thin. The hairpiece on top did not match my natural hair on the sides.


After doing some research, I was impressed by the results Dr. Chang had delivered to other patients at the NHT Medical Center. I went to his clinic in Newport Beach for an initial consultation and decided on having two surgeries to put in more density both on top and around the temples. Both surgeries were painless and the professional staff made me feels my hair was safe in their capable, efficient hands. Wanting to keep a low profile, I had not told most of my friends and family that I was having the procedure done. I continued to wear the hairpiece between the first and second surgeries. After the hair grew in from the second surgery, I removed the hairpiece and continued as usual. No one noticed any difference at all! My own hair on top grew in much thicker than promised and my fuller temple area looks even better than the hairpiece. I was so pleased with the results that I signed a photo release so Dr. Chang could share them with other potential patients.


In fact, I didn’t receive any comments until I got a call from a friend a few months later. He had seen my before and after pictures in the newspaper. He told me: “Hey, you need to sue this doctor! He put your face on a bald guy and is running it in the newspaper.” It was one of the best compliments I could have received.


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Steven C. Chang, MD


BEFORE                                                           AFTER





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