COVID-19 UPDATE, March 27, 2020

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The global landscape of how we practice is changing rapidly. We see the wave of the pandemic affecting every country. Our thoughts and well-wishes are with each of our members, their families, their employees, and all of our patients. 

It is important to remember—history tells us that this will pass. We will get through this. Yes, it is devastating. Yes, it is completely shocking and at times paralyzing when it hits our own country. We are in this together, and together, we will help each other and provide support.

We have instituted a COVID-19 Strategy Task Force and are developing resources to help our members. 

Please take note of the following that we are currently implementing:

  • 2020 ISHRS World Congress – Will happen one way or another!: At this time, we are planning the in-person meeting to take place, as well as a virtual registration option. Even if the in-person meeting (Panama) must be canceled, we will still proceed with a virtual option.  
  • Regional Zoom (Online) Discussion Groups: Groups are being organized for members in conjunction with Global Council Ambassadors. The schedule and links will be disseminated soon. Sharing experiences will help us all. Format: 2 discussion group leaders, submit questions in advance and during the call.  
  • Webinars: We are organizing webinars, and the topics below are being considered.  Please provide your feedback on the survey link above. Format: Live webinars where members may attend and participate, and ask questions. These will be recorded and available to members on-demand on the ISHRS website. Topics being considered:
  • Setting Up Telemedicine for Your Practice (easy steps)
  • What you can do now to keep connected to your patients and position yourself as a trusted expert.
  • Elective Procedures and Your Practice in Light of COVID-19—How to Survive Your Practice
  • Addressing staffing concerns/ repurposing staff.
  • Experiences & Suggestions from ISHRS Members – Steps that have worked for them.

Possible suggestions/text for your practice website:  We are developing text/suggestions that may be applicable to your practice about steps your practice is taking that you may wish to communicate to your patients. 

Survey to measure impact of COVID-19 to the field of HRS: A survey is being implemented to ISHRS physician members.

We encourage all ISHRS physician members to join the “Official ISHRS Physician Group” on Facebook. It is a private group of only ISHRS physician members. There is discussion about the pandemic and how our colleagues are handling it.  

Go to:

Lastly, we encourage all members to reach out to us and let us know your suggestions.  We have already sent a previous survey about this. We want to hear from you.  

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