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Dr. Porcaro and his staff educated me as to what to expect and how the surgery would be performed. Everything Dr. Porcaro and his staff promised, they delivered, I am grateful to Dr. Porcaro and his staff for having the patience and understanding they had with me.


My Hair Transplant results are AMAZING! I am so glad I put my trust in the hands of my doctor, Dr. Porcaro. I was very doubtful that anyone could bring my smile and confidence back, but Dr. Porcaro did.


After Dr. Porcaro’s surgery I cut my hair in a buzz cut fashion, and combed it forward, so that the surgery would not be noticeable when I went back to work. Just as promised, the little hairs started to come out within 3 months. At 4 months I was able to start combing my hair back. This was something that I had not done for years!


I lost weight, got a new wardrobe and grew a mustache after my transplant. My close friends and co workers could not pin point what was different about me as my hair was growing out. I then started visiting the barber, trying new styles I never thought I would be able to wear.


At work, I was no longer embarrassed to speak at meetings. I was able to speak with confidence and leadership. My new look gave me that self-assurance that I lacked after loosing my hair. I was completing so much work that I was recognized as Outstanding Employee of the Month. I had no idea what I was missing out on by being bald.


My supervisor was pleased with how fast and efficient I was completing projects. I had the opportunity to interview for a promotion and passed the interview with flying colors. I was promoted to a managerial position where I am responsible for building customer relationships. I could not imagine doing the job I do today with my old balding look!


Thanks to Dr. Porcaro and his staff, my Hair Restoration Surgery has been an amazing and rewarding experience. Imagine the possibilities if I had done my Hair Transplant sooner…!


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. John L. Porcaro


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