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I went for a consultation. Dr. Goertz introduced himself and he is a very warm and accommodating professional. He answered all of my questions…. I also sensed that he was as interested in achieving my goals as I was…you can tell he loves what he does for a living. I made an appointment for my surgery and I felt good about my decision…no one wants to lose their hair, and until recently, you had no choice in the matter.


The day of the operation came and I arrived in the morning and was out by noon. The staff and I joked the whole time and Dr. Goertz made sure I felt comfortable. It was a very pleasant experience; his assistants are friendly and nice. Before I knew it I was home and then all I had to do was play the waiting game for six months until the grafts grew in. The recovery time is minimal and they supply you with everything you need to recuperate. I was back at work in 2 days.


Then the magic happened. Let me tell you there is no other feeling quite like it. I’m sure you’ll agree if you join the thousands of people who have hair restoration done. I have zero regrets and the best part is I never have to worry about it again–it lasts for a lifetime!


I went back in and had my “after” picture taken and thanked Dr. Goertz and his staff profusely. I don’t believe a day goes by where I don’t subconsciously thank him. If you look good, you feel good; that’s just the way it is, and Dr. Goertz knows what he’s doing. I very highly recommend Hair Transplant Seattle and thoroughly believe it’s the best option out there.


Thank you again Dr. Goertz and staff!


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. Brian Goertz


BEFORE                                                           AFTER



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