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I first started noticing my hair loss when I was 15 years old, but it was very gradual. I was into my 40’s before it was really bad. I was married for 20 years, but eventually found myself divorced. My social life, while bald, was pretty bad. I really disliked hairpieces, so I looked into hair transplants.


My doctor was very helpful and encouraging to me about my baldness and what could be done about it. To say the least, the transplants were a success. Where I was 95% bald on top, I am now completely covered with hair.


There was some initial swelling and bruising, but I am abnormally bad for that. The pain was comparable to a dental visit and very short term. To me the most aggravating thing was the itching you get when the stitches heal, but again that was short term. The results have been well worth the minor discomfort. I find that my self-confidence has greatly increased and my social life has greatly improved. Now I am being given the chance socially that I was not given while bald.


“Like a friend said, “Getting the hair transplants was the best thing you ever did!” I agree!”


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. William M. Parsley


BEFORE                                                              AFTER







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