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My story is probably similar to many other people going bald, in that I don’t like it. Bald may be beautiful to some, but personally I would rather walk around without my pants on than be bald. Of course, we can always dress appropriately, but not having hair was difficult to work around. Since I started to lose my hair in my teens, I used different techniques on combing the few hairs I had left. I must admit that I got very good at trying to hide my bald head, but I also kept moving down my part line until it almost reached my ear. Was I funny looking? Yes, but for me the important thing was that my bald spot didn’t show!


I also had to use tons of hair spray to keep this masterpiece in place, and I also had to walk with my head tilted into the wind so the long hair would not blow over. That in itself was an art! I finally got to the point that even this did not work well. So….after much soul searching, I decided to get a hair piece.


I hated this hair piece, since it made me very self-conscious, but I would look at myself in the mirror without hair, and I hated what I looked like; then I would look in the mirror with the hair piece on, and I also hated that look. I lived with that dilemma for ten years.


I first got interested in the idea of having hair transplants while watching a late-night infomercial. After looking into it further and doing extensive research on the subject, I made many phone calls and finally found a doctor I trusted – and so I decided to have it done.


My initial goal was to just have something on the top of my head that looked a little better than my hair piece, but the results far exceeded what I expected to end up with. My doctor and his staff were excellent. There was no pain during the procedure, and whatever little inconvenience there was associated with the whole process, it was more than offset by seeing hair growing where it had not been for many years.


Would I recommend this to anyone? Absolutely! If your doctor says that you are a good candidate and you hate being bald like I did, a hair transplant is the answer.


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. Michael L. Beehner


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