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I had been contemplating undergoing a hair transplant for several years. I had discussed this with specialists in this field in Munich, London, New York and finally in Beverly Hills, California where I had a consultation with Dr. Parsa Mohebi of U.S. Hair Restoration. Finally, I took the plunge in March, 2009.


Dr. Mohebi impressed me with his knowledge, professionalism and confidence in his ability to successfully perform the transplant. I was not disappointed.
One year-on, I have practically a full set of hair. Everything that Dr. Mohebi told me about the procedure beforehand proved to be 100% accurate. He said I would lose some hair two weeks after the procedure but it would grow back, and it did. “You will see good results after six months” and I did. “You may get a few pimples but they will go away” and they did.


The procedure went smoothly and was painless. I found it even relaxing. Compared with dental work, this was a picnic in the park.
There is one patch of thin hair that remains and this is because of Dr. Mohebi’s conservative approach in limiting the number of grafts he took at the procedure. However, now, one year later, I have agreed to a second surgery to take care of this. What’s more I’m actually looking forward to it. Would I say this about root canal work? I think not!


I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Mohebi to anyone seeking a hair transplant.




Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. Parsa Mohebi


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