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Indirectly, my hair restoration helped to “lower my cholesterol” and “improve my dancing”.


That may be a bit of a stretch, however, the improvement to my appearance inspired me to try to make some more improvements. My Wife and I decided to control our eating habits and together, we lost over 50 pounds. At my Annual Physical in November, my total cholesterol had dropped 25 points from the previous year with no medication. My Doctor said that the change resulted from diet, weight loss, and exercise. One of our activities is Ballroom Dancing which allows us to dress up and show off a little. Feeling good about our improvements actually inspired us to work a little harder on our dancing activity.


I am extremely happy that I had this procedure done. Thank you Dr. Koher and your fine staff. My wife Lynn also wants to express her appreciation, especially since she ended up with a whole new wardrobe.


Lewisville, NC


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. Grant Koher


BEFORE                                                            AFTER



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