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I was doing a seminar and there were lots of pictures taken, and after receiving them, I realized how much older I looked than I really am. This was not good for my self image as a public speaker.


I met Dr. Mike Vories by answering an ad I saw in the paper while living in Charleston, SC. Dr. Vories immediately made me feel comfortable and made the idea of hair transplants that much more exciting. Not knowing what to expect as I have not ever undergone any type of surgery before, he and his staff showed me the procedure, the possible outcomes and did all this with a positive approach. I immediately decided that this was something I was very interested in doing and proceeded. They made my wife and daughter very comfortable with keeping them informed of my progress and how things were going in the operating room.


As far as pain after the procedure, other than a typical headache there was very little pain. Within a couple of days I had to be careful to remember I have a procedure even done.


This has truly been a life changing experience. I can not believe that I am the same person with people guessing my age is up to 10 years younger than my actual age.


I would tell anyone that I would never think twice about doing this and would suggest anyone to do this. It takes your self esteem to another level.


If you are considering this and thinking twice I say “GO FOR IT” – this was the best experience ever and I only wish I had done it sooner.




Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. Mike Vories


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