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I did not plan to get a hair transplant. I was 51 years old and had been losing hair since I was about 37; years ago I had accepted the fact that I would be bald, or at least have extensive hair loss for the rest of my life. I was in good company since many of my friends were going down the same path with me.


I began to rethink my resolution to live the rest of my life without hair. I called and scheduled a transplant procedure with Dr. Koher. He worked with my budget, and I was thrilled with the results. So thrilled that two years later I had a second procedure done. The idea that I could replant my hair when and where I wanted it was amazing to me. I later ended up doing an endorsement for Dr. Koher and the word that kept coming to mind is “amazing”


I did not keep my transplant a secret, I told my friends. Their reaction was more amazement as my hair loss reversed into hair growth. Several of them have had transplants since. A last note, no one has EVER suspected that I received a hair transplant.


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. Grant Koher


BEFORE                                                        AFTER


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