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It was on vacation when for the first time in my life, I had gotten sunburned on the top of my head. It was then that I realized that my hair had substantially thinned/disappeared in the rear top of my head.


Following my return from vacation, I researched various hair restoring programs and selected Elliot & True (now known as True-Dorin), as the company I wished to use. Why, because the name of the doctor for the company logo was, in fact, the doctor who would perform the procedure.


My experience with True-Dorin was excellent from the moment I entered the office to the procedure itself and the staff which was involved, gave me a feeling of a successful completion of the process.


I found the procedure to be relatively painless and the results to be excellent. I was amazed that after having a few procedures performed, my hairline was restored to a level it hadn’t been since I was in my teenage years.


The success of the procedures provided additional confidence and cosmetic improvement. I have been a most vocal supporter of the process and feel that men and women for that matter, who are unhappy with their hairline, should pursue surgical hair restoration as a means of correcting their hair loss.


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Robert True, MD


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