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“I did not like losing my hair. I was in a state of denial for many years going with shorter and shorter haircuts. Having a hair transplant was not an option for me because the hair transplants that I had seen before looked unnatural and had the doll’s hair look. I knew I would rather be bald than look like I had surgery. I was even skeptical about it before I first met with Dr. Goertz because I had these images of doll’s hair in my mind.


Dr. Goertz sat down with me and showed me realistically what could be accomplished if I decided to move forward. He explained in detail how he would design my hairline and how he could create a natural hairline with no scars or pits. He wanted me to understand that he does not make new hair just rearranges what I have left to “reframe” my face and create good coverage of my balding scalp.


At time of this writing I am 8 months post transplant surgery. I am excited everyday to look in the mirror and see hair where there was none. My wife is excited as well. This was one of my best decisions ever. I now know that in the right hands that a hair transplant does look natural.


A personal note about Dr. Goertz: He loves what he does and it shows! My results are amazing. He is a gifted artist and surgeon. My day of surgery sped by. Dr. Goertz and his staff made my day comfortable and enjoyable. I spent a lot of the day watching DVD’s and just relaxing. So if you are like me and don’t like losing your hair call Dr. Goertz and see if you are a candidate. The procedure is easy and results are unbelievable.”


All the best, Curt Warner
former Seattle Seahawk Star


Hair Restoration Surgeon: Dr. Brian Goertz


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